February 16, 2018

The Package

A World of Wellbeing is a new and engaging package for the Junior Cycle CSPE Short Course with the most up-to-date material on current social and political issues.

Student Textbook

  • Visually appealing, vibrant design laid out in a clear, student-friendly format with full-colour photos, illustrations and graphs
  • Each chapter is introduced with Learning Intentions, Key Skills and Key Words
  • Covers the three strands central to the CSPE Short Course:
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Global Citizenship
    • Exploring Democracy
  • Contains a wide range of activities and exercises that stimulate creativity, critical thinking, working with others and active learning while also developing literacy and numeracy skills
  • A variety of activities in every chapter support learning and self-assessment
  • Includes up-to-date case studies
  • Provides an in-depth suggestions for the Citizenship Action Record and a completed sample project at the end of each strand, supported by a 'Steps to Action' animation with useful advice for students on how to carry out their Action Record
  • Relevant CSPE Key Skills and Wellbeing Indicators are highlighted throughout


Student Reflective Journal

  • Enables students to keep a record of their work
  • Suitable for assessment and revision with completed samples of Action Records


Teacher’s Resource Book and Posters

A World of Wellbeing Teacher's Resource Book provides all the support you need for teaching CSPE and contains:

  • An overview of the CSPE Short Course with aims, timeframes and a guide to assessment
  • Templates for methodologies
  • A wide variety of teaching resources and suggestions for how to plan each strand
  • Two completed examples of Action Records for each strand
  • List of weblinks to support teaching and for further study


Digital Resources

Teachers can access the A World of Wellbeing interactive e-book at www.edcolearning.ie/code, plus a bank of free digital resources, including:

  • Engaging animations that outline and explain Well being Indicators and Key Skills, as well as providing practical advice for the Action Record
  • PowerPoint presentations on key concepts and skills, plus an explanation of the Action Record assessment criteria
  • Videos covering a wide range of interesting topics to enhance student engagement
  • A comprehensive list of weblinks for each strand
  • Editable scheme of work to aid teacher planning

FREE e-book

  • Students and teachers can download their free A World of  Wellbeing e-book by visiting www.edcolearning.ie/code and entering the code from inside the front cover of the textbook.